Kitchen Islands Ideas for Busy Families

A kitchen island is the most beloved feature in the most inviting room in the home. A thoughtfully designed kitchen island possesses numerous qualities that make cooking easier and relationships stronger. When functionality meets style in the intelligent design of a kitchen island, the finished piece has the potential to become a treasured masterpiece. Kitchen island trends for 2017 include a wide range of practical features.

For decades, busy families ate out more often than not. Economic changes over the past decade or so have resulted in a comeback of home cooking. Since cooking requires an investment in time, the kitchen island has become a significant focal point. No longer is the chief cook and bottle washer isolated in a closed-in space. The kitchen island is invariably representative of a more open kitchen design that nicely accommodates the gathering of friends and family. Along with the return of cooking, recognition of the importance of relationships has made a comeback; and kitchen islands are part of it all.

Seating at the Kitchen Island

Today’s kitchen islands are usually equipped with seating. This accommodates an eat-in option and much more. Whether the island is bar height or counter-height, built-in seating areas open up countless possibilities. Children can do their homework, helpers can assist with food preparation, and friends and family can sit and be comfortable while enjoying conversation with the cook(s).

Countless Options for Kitchen Island Design

The best kitchen island is the one built to accommodate you and your family. There are many remarkable possibilities for this built-in workhorse. Many of the choices in kitchen island design are influenced by the size of the room and the best way to utilize the space, overall. A smaller kitchen may need the island to serve a wide range of helpful functions, to make up for lack of cabinet and countertop space. Skilled kitchen designers create a better workflow or work triangle in the kitchen, and the island is an integral part of it. The following are examples of what can be included in a kitchen island:

  • A prep sink provides a commonsense way to multiply the activities going on simultaneously in the kitchen.
  • A full-sized sink is often more practical on the kitchen island, particularly when it’s also where the automatic dishwasher is located.
  • The location of the microwave oven can be dangerous and impractical when located above the stove and in other hard-to-reach locations. When added to the kitchen island, it’s more accessible to everyone in the household.
  • For everyone in the home to stay hydrated, a lot of activity for that purpose goes on continuously. A handy drink fridge built into the kitchen island is a helpful way to maintain order.
  • A cookbook shelf can be both practical and a charming component of a kitchen island.
  • A built-in trash can help to reserve floor space and make it easier to move around.
  • A stainless-steel kick plate can be a perfect addition to a seating area at the kitchen island.
  • The stove top can be located at the kitchen island. The beauty of this feature is that the cook is facing friends and families while working his or her magic in the kitchen.
  • The surface of the kitchen island can also be functional as well as beautiful. It’s best to have true stone countertops, to ensure that all four edges look elegant and durable. Quartz countertops are a current trend. Granite and Corian are also excellent options.

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