7 Ways a Kitchen Remodel Benefits Working and Learning from Home Families

Thanks to the pandemic, more families are now working and learning from home, which means for many it’s starting to get a bit crowded. Finding the perfect spot to work or study can be a challenging task when there are so many people in the house.

Many experts recommend setting up a regular workspace as it increases productivity. If you don’t have space in your bedroom, or you don’t have an office space, this will usually be in the kitchen.

Whether you’re using a built-in-desk, an island, or just sitting at the dining table, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your productivity and your mental health.

Kitchen Remodel Benefits Working Parents

Take a look at the top 7 ways you can update your kitchen to better suit your work life at home.

Under-counter charging stations

Under-counter Charging Stations | Heartwood Kitchen & Bath Center
Charging Station by Richelieu

Under-the-counter charging stations are a super helpful feature to install in your kitchen. If you’re working from a poorly designed kitchen there might not be many plugs for you to plug in your laptop or phone. This leaves you scrambling for the nearest available outlet and if there are a lot of you working at home this could end in disaster.

A well-planned kitchen includes spaces for you to be able to charge devices without crossing over to food prep areas.

The best places to put these stations are below the counter or cabinets. This way you can relax while doing your work without having to worry about your laptop going dead.

Natural light and fresh air

Kitchen Remodel Benefits: Natural Light and Fresh Air
Cabinetry by Shiloh

When working from your kitchen, be sure to work in natural light. Being able to access natural light will help relieve eye strain and improve your productivity.

If you’re considering getting your kitchen remodeled, look for a way to improve the natural light in the room. You can build in a breakfast nook surrounded by windows or create a workspace next to a large window to give you all the natural light you could need.

Installing wide or tall windows overlooking an island is also a great way to brighten a dark space and help you feel less confined in your own home.


Kitchen Remodel Benefits | Built-In Desks | Heartwood Kitchen & Bath Center
Cabinetry by Shiloh

Working and eating in the same room can be a challenge, and it can make you feel a bit fed up over time.

A custom-built desk adjacent to the kitchen is a great place to work. It lets you stay focused but allows you to monitor kitchen activity at all times (incredibly useful if you have small kids at home).

Install an island

Kitchen Remodel Benefits | Island | Heartwood Kitchen & Bath Center

A kitchen island isn’t just a great place to gather with family, it also creates a spacious place to work, making them the perfect addition to your kitchen.

By fully utilizing the available space in your kitchen you’ll be able to work in a less stressful home environment.  Custom cabinetry can include lots of awesome features to keep kitchen items organized and families focused on their tasks.

More storage

Kitchen Remodel Benefits | More Storage | Heartwood Kitchen & Bath Center
Kemper Cabinetry

Built-in storage is the ideal solution for keeping clutter away from your workspaces. While kitchen cabinetry might look plain on the outside behind all those doors and drawers are multiple ways you can keep everything in their place. For example, built-in bookcases are the perfect place to store all of your cookbooks (or schoolbooks!)

Lots of workspaces

Kitchen Remodel Benefits | More Space | Heartwood Kitchen & Bath Center
Cabinetry by Shiloh

Having multiple work areas for cooking, working, and studying is important especially if your whole family is now working from home.

When remodeling your kitchen, take a look at the traffic flow. Look carefully at each area of the kitchen and understand how its functionality works.

Is your kitchen solely for cooking? Will there be separate spaces for food prep, eating, study, work, and relaxation?

It’s a good idea to draw out a quick floor plan of your kitchen and mentally walk through it to see what works best for you and your family.

Expand your space

Space is one of the best things you can improve in your kitchen that will benefit your working at home situation.

Creating more space in your kitchen improves:

  • Traffic flow keeps people moving around or in your kitchen smoothly working within the space provided.
  • Food prep space are clearly identified and separate from other spaces within the kitchen.
  • Workspace is streamlined so that each part of the kitchen is designed for a specific function.
  • Relaxation for enjoying friends and family in an attractive and well-planned space.
  • Stress is reduced because the kitchen is well plan, organized and designed for efficiency.
  • Comfort knowing that your kitchen remodel benefits your family and increases the value of your home.

Thinking about upgrading or remodeling your kitchen?

We’d love to bring your vision to life and make your kitchen more work and family friendly.

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