5 Kitchen Design Trends for Southern Maine

The kitchen is an excellent room to update, and not just because it’s the pristine space where we cook and enjoy gathering with friends and family. There are a lot of great design trends in southern Maine right now. What better place than the kitchen to be in vogue with improved function and style? The entire family will be drawn to the heart of the home more than ever, with any of the newest kitchen fashions. Five of the top kitchen trends are painted cabinets, flat panel door styles, inset door frames, quartz counter tops, and tall wall cabinets with crown molding instead of soffits. Learn more about each below.

Painted Cabinets

If you're upgrading or designing a new kitchen, consider buying cabinets with a painted finish. White cabinets are still popular, of course, but pearl gray cabinets have gained a lot of interest lately. We've also seen cabinets in green and other colors to complete a specific kitchen design. Cabinets may be used mixed colors to create a varied look that defines storage or work areas.

This Stonehill Kitchen is inspired by a farmhouse from Colonial times. The mix of finishes, door styles, and paint or stain colors displays both beauty and function in great style.

Flat panel door styles

Modern and contemporary kitchens are the places flat panel or slab-door cabinets are most frequently on display. Minimal embellishment is the quintessence of this style. Allowing natural wood to make the loudest statement is one of the benefits. Cabinets painted with semi-gloss white paint can also be more impactful with this understated style. Hardware could become a more interesting focal point, as well, with flat-panel doors.

Inset Door Frames

One of the most profound differences that can be made in cabinetry is going with inset door frames. Most typically, doors and drawer heads are a bit larger than the openings in cabinetry frames and therefore they create an overlap or overlay style. With inset door frames on your cabinetry, the inset doors and headers to drawers fit inside the frame face. The fit of the inset door is precise, inside the frame. A greater precision of craftsmanship is required to achieve this sleek style. Between the added expertise required to build inset door frame cabinetry and the elegant look of the design, this trending style is viewed as a high-end luxury.

Quartz Countertops

Countertops can also create a whole new look in your kitchen, and quartz countertops are as timeless and practical as they are trendy. Quartz countertops are made with one of earth’s hardest minerals. The quartz is combined with metallic flecks or bits of glass to create an endless variety of beautiful options in colors and styles. The non-porous material prevents the growth of bacteria and also resists stains. It’s unnecessary to seal quartz countertops and yet your family is protected and has the added benefit of easy kitchen cleanup.

Tall Wall Cabinets with Crown Molding Instead of Soffits

Kitchen redesign is at its best with the trend of replacing soffits with tall wall cabinets and crown molding. Kitchen soffits are the boxy structures that fill the area between the ceiling and the top of the cabinets. That valuable space could be used to store holiday party dishes, servers, and appliances. Cabinets can be built to look like china cabinets that go from floor to ceiling, with deeper cabinets at the bottom and shallower cabinets, approximately one foot deep, at the top. There are many different styles, and designers can help you determine which options are the best fits with your home.

An upgrade in the kitchen gives your entire home a style boost. Any of these popular trends will create a fresh look that you’ll love, and it will give your home’s value a nice increase, as well.

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